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To reinforce the transparency of real estate
indirect investment markets for the sake of REITs,
and to promote people’s stable investment environments


Korea Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts leads real estate indirect investment markets.

Advanced Financial Markets
To promote the advanced and innovative domestic financial markets, through REITs, the new paradigm of real estate indirect investment markets.
Globalization REITs Markets
To make institutional supports for reinforcing competences, in order to strengthen interchanges with overseas related agencies and make overseas investors facilitate domestic investment, for globalizing REITs markets
Establishing Communications Networks for Members
To promote the development of markets through active networks, by providing interchange fields within the company as the agency for communications, and to carry out a role as the hub between markets, government, and investors
Expanding Economic Ripple Effects through REITs
To Expand the role as REITS in order to enhance people’s life quality, through employment effect created through REITs and real estate-based facility supply